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I am hoping to find axial tilts for asteroids and also their spring and fall equinox. Some of the asteroids I'm interested in are: 4 Vesta, 1 Ceres, 24 Themis, 65 Cybele, 153 Hilda, 624 Hektor

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From this article, http://hubblesite.org/pubinfo/pdf/2010/33/pdf.pdf, here's the rotation axis for 4 Vesta: RA=307.5°±3.1°, Dec=43.1°±1.2°. Update, per TildalWave's comment: RA=305.8°±3.1°, Dec=41.4°±1.5°

Rotational motion of Ceres.

An old article (1986): Magnusson, P., Distribution of spin axes and senses of rotation for 20 large asteroids, Icarus 68:1 1-39 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0019103586900722

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