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I have some image data that may be interesting to someone, somewhere, but I don't know who to contact or notify.

I would imagine it would depend on the type of data, but maybe there is a central place people can contact?

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It depends, as you say, on the subject matter. For instance, images useful in variable star study can be provided to the AAVSO and images relating to asteroids can be provided to the IAU Minor Planet Center. Other subject matter will be accepted elsewhere.

However, for the images to be useful in scientific fields, you will need to comply with the submission instructions, which a casual snap probably will not comply with. On the MPC guide for beginners there is a list of 44 technical suggestions for submitting scientific data: The AAVSO has a tutorial in six chapters on photometry using a DSLR camera (and another for astro CCD cameras)

If you just want to get it out there and have people comment on what is in it, post it to Google+.

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