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I am interested in building a high quality portable telescope from scratch in an attempt to better understand how telescopes work. What kind of materials do I need? How would I go about putting the telescope together? Are there any online guides that you can recommend?

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okarin, I would recommend breaking this down into separate questions. Perhaps this one can focus on what materials you need to build a portable telescope. If you desire a specific quality, you need to specific exactly what level of quality you seek. – called2voyage Mar 31 '14 at 18:27

Amateur telescope making (ATM) is a popular past-time for astronomers.

You can grind your own mirror, or you can buy ready-made mirrors.

You can coat your mirrors with silver using chemical solutions yourself, or have a coating of aluminium applied using a vacuum chamber by an outfit offering such a service.

The main materials are a thick round slab of glass, usually Pyrex, and a smaller elliptical flat mirror. Using this you can make a Newtonian reflector. The support tube or structure for the mirrors can be one of a huge variety of designs, or you can be inventive yourself.

There are websites to guide you in this, such as Mel Bartel's, Stellafane, and

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