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I often hear about cosmic inflation occurring rapidly after the Big Bang, but have never came across any explanation for it. What supposedly caused this inflationary period in the early universe? Also, my assumption is that the laws of physics, i.e. light speed and relativity, did not exist during inflation, but were after effects. Is that a correct assumption? Thanks!

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Have you read the wikipedia article? (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inflation_(cosmology)) –  Tracy Cramer Jul 9 at 23:21
Afaik, there is no physical reason for it. Inflation is a model to explain some observations, but I never heard about forces or conditions which caused it. I hope someone more expert can say something. –  Py-ser Jul 10 at 7:17
Well, what forces "cause" electromagnetism for instance? The inflaton field changes state and releases energy - that energy release results in "inflation". –  adrianmcmenamin Jul 12 at 14:27

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