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I want to know if bringing the image of a DSO in eyepiece generally represents a problem for beginners in astronomy.

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I'm assuming by DSO, you mean Deep Sky Object. And it is not difficult to see DSOs in your eyepiece. It seems I haven't quite understood you question. –  Takku Jul 11 at 19:51
For telescopes of intermediate to high aperture, for some extended DSOs like the Eagle Nebula, the magnification is so high that the object occupies your whole field and you can't distinguish it. Viewfinder provides a better view. Is that what you mean? @Takku Is that you? It was unexpected to see you here, I must say. :P –  Cheeku Jul 12 at 3:32
It depends on a number of things, local light pollution, aperture, eye piece, focal ratio, the size and brightness of the target, ect. There are a number that are visible in 4-6 inch scopes in moderate light pollution, Andromeda and the ring nebula for instance. –  asawyer Jul 14 at 20:32

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