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I have a Meade wedge that I am to install on one of their LX200 telescopes. Will I be able to align in alt-az afterwards? Is polar easier or harder to make an alignment? Any other tips welcome. Thanks

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Do you mean will you be able to align in alt-az with the wedge installed? If so, probably not. –  asawyer Jul 14 at 20:15
Ok. Thanks. I installed the wedge this evening.. Polar it is then! –  David DelMonte Jul 14 at 20:16
I'd not really familiar with meade hand set computers but I imagine they have an alignment helper routine built in you can use in either mode. Good luck! –  asawyer Jul 14 at 20:18
Yes, they do have a polar setup. Their manual though, is very hard to read. I have to read things over and over, and then translate bits and pieces to items on hand. I suspect that, as they've changed models, they haven't updated their documentation. Thank you for the response.. –  David DelMonte Jul 14 at 20:21
Are you going with the wedge to start getting into astrophotography? The folks at r/astrophotography on reddit would be able to give you some help with any problems. –  asawyer Jul 14 at 20:24

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