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It seems our universe is neutral in large scale.

There is CP violationwiki problem about matter and dark matter.
Similarly is there any theory about whether our universe is electrically neutral?

Cosmic rays are not neutral. However the atomic nucleus and electrons are just separated. There should be no charge excess in total.

What is the largest scale that is severely non-neutral?

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OK. I find a paper. arxiv.org/abs/1201.6585 This can partly answer my question. –  questionhang Jul 15 at 11:30
@RoryAlsop A similar question already exists on Physics: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/83486/… –  Kyle Kanos Jul 18 at 13:44
@RhysW Why is this closed? Asking if the universe as a whole is expected to be neutral from experimental or theoretical consideratio is a legitimate good question ! There is also nothing unclear about it. So could you please reopen? –  Dilaton Jul 27 at 14:07
Upon further review of this topic, I see no reason why this question should be considered unclear or off-topic. It is a question with an abundantly clear premise (as alluded to in the paper linked by the OP) and it is certainly firmly within the realm of cosmology which is on topic. –  called2voyage Jul 28 at 14:00
Thanks, you two. I met this several times. I really do not understand why. –  questionhang Jul 28 at 15:33

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