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I was thinking, if the space is infinite, what if there are infinite number of spaces, inside our universe? I mean, everyone knows that black holes exist, but nobody knows what happens when you get sucked in.

Therefore, I believe that inside the black holes there must be some kind of molecule compression which bursts out inside the black hole after molecules get overcrowded and can't compress anymore. That could be actually how Big Bang happened. Furthermore, after the bursting, something has to happen. Probably after billions of years new black holes inside the former black hole start forming, while the former one expires.

The Big Bang should happen right after the black hole itself collapses, actually expires, because black hole finds itself in position where there is nothing so close that it can suck in, therefore it cannot gain mass anymore. In other words, if nothing were to enter the black hole, Hawking Radiation would allow it to expire.

The best of all is that every universe has multiple black holes, which means even more universes to come alive. The other universe, the one that you're not in, is now another dimension.

Based on my beliefs and some research, I believe that we are the outcome of some another universe. Now, my question is, is my belief plausible, based on on facts that I may not know.

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This is really more of a personal theory than a question. Related ideas are indeed out there, though. –  HDE 226868 Aug 9 at 19:57
What do you mean by "if the space is infinite"? –  HDE 226868 Aug 10 at 22:14
Well it both could and couldn't be infinite. By thinking normally it is definitely finite, as if Big Bang happened, it should lose it's power over time. But scientists tell us that it is actually growing the speed. So yeah... "if the space is infinite" –  Samurai Fox Aug 10 at 22:23
Could you clarify that? Not sure I understand. –  HDE 226868 Aug 10 at 22:24
Which part of it specifically? –  Samurai Fox Aug 10 at 22:25