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The dark matter model that is used to explain the "missing mass" problem relating to our Galactic rotation curve, consists of a pseudo-spherical distribution that is much more extended than the visible stars and gas. Even though this "halo" contains more than ten times the mass of the visible matter, when you work out what it's density should be in the solar ...


There is no proof that dark matter exists. Until any real evidence is collected that can constitute proof, anything about dark matter's properties and possibilities is mere speculation. On the other hand, there's no proof that it doesn't exist. For all we know, we might be surrounded by it as we speak. Is anything affected? Who knows.


In theory it is possible to do time travel. There are several possibilities from theoretical point of view. Two aspects are there, travelling to the future and travel back to past. Although many scientists including Stephen Hawking said that travelling to the past is not possible (as there are several paradoxes including "the grand father paradox") that ...

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