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Ceres constitutes about 1/3 of the mass of the asteroid belt. Assuming the same density, the whole asteroid belt combined into one planet would have 3 times greater volume than Ceres and $\sqrt[3]{3}=1.44...$ times greater radius.


The largest main belt asteroid is 1 Ceres, which alone contains almost a third of the total mass of the whole main asteroid belt. Ceres is large enough to be in hydrostatic equilibrium, i.e. its own gravity is strong enough to pull it into a roughly spherical shape. Since the mass of a spherical planet scales as the cube of the diameter (assuming constant ...


The mass of the asteroid main belt is estimated at 4% the mass of our moon according to Wikipedia so any object formed from the aggregation of that mass would not be a planet. It would be the size of a very small moon. Even if all the asteroids in the solar system were combined, the total mass would be below a third of the moon's mass.


With the volume and mass of a planet concludes are possible of its material composition. But there is more, for example auroras been observed at Jupiter. This is only possible if Jupiter has a magnetic field just like our earth. A magnetic field is a strong evidence for an iron core. The next point is, heavy materials accumulate in the center, so one could ...

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