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Cassini is supposed to have used its VIMS spectrometer to observe a Venus transit from Saturn in December 2012. NASA said it was a first. They were more interested in an absorption spectrum than an image. Celestia can model such events. Here is a video of a simulated grazing Jupiter transit from Saturn. There are similar videos of Saturn transits from ...


Stellarium identifies the mystery "moon" as a star, HIP 54057 a.k.a. HD 95848. Your telescope probably showed it on the right instead of the left. The location on Earth is insignificant since you provided the time in UTC. Jupiter passed directly in front of the same star on 2016-04-12, but the occultation was only visible from the Eastern Hemisphere.


Most likely would be the the main mirror needs collimating. On big things like the moon you won't notice bad collimation as much as something small like a planet or star.


This link has Dr. Ossendrijver interpretation of the five clay tablets but if you are interested in a second peer review I would suggest emailing Dr. Irving Finkel at the British Museum to give his opinion on the same tablets once he is also one of the handful of global economy experts on deciphering the cuneiform language but was not listed as a reference ...


A seventh magnitude star. See this link: Further info: the star in question was probably HIP 54057 (also known as SAO 118636 or HD 95848.) On April 12th it was occulted by Jupiter (that is, Jupiter passed in front of it) for about three hours. So the star would have been in the area of ...

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