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Unless you're really rich, unfortunately you won't be able to see all of them. Jupiter's fifth largest Moon, Amalthea, has an apparent magnitude of $m$ = 14.1. Comparing this to the magnitude of Europa, the dimmest of the Galilean moons, which is 5.3, tells us that Amalthea is roughly 3000 times less bright. Your telescope thus needs to have an area 3000 ...


How much? Well how accurately do you need it? How do you want it quantifying? And in what wavelength range? Jupiter scatters a fraction of its incident sunlight. It also has its own luminosity (predominantly in the infrared). A quick calculation: The solar constant (flux at 1 au) is about 1370 W/m$^{2}$. Jupiter is situated about 5.2 au from the Sun (it ...

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