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Before I start, I'll admit that I've criticized the question based on its improbability; however, I've been persuaded otherwise. I'm going to try to do the calculations based on completely different formulas than I think have been used; I hope you'll stay with me as I work it out. Let's imagine that Lucifer becomes a main-sequence star - in fact, let's call ...


In reality, Jupiter doesn't have nearly enough mass to initiate stellar ignition or sustain it if we could somehow start it going. Even the smallest star would require on the order of some 80 to 90 times the mass of Jupiter just to put out a faint red glow. Even to become a brown dwarf proto-star, Jupiter would require a mass increase on the order of at ...


Ignoring the impossibility of Jupiter going solar: Assume that Jupiter turns into duplicate of the Sun in terms of energy output. Energy transmitted to the earth follows an inverse-square law. Since Jupiter is, at best, 4 times farther from the Earth than the Sun, Jupiter will supply the Earth with, at most, 1/16 the energy that the Sun supplies, for an ...


Sun-Earth distance: 1AU Earth-Jupiter distance (at the conjunction): 4AU So Lucifer will be four times farther than Sun when it is nearer (six times when it is farthest), and at the same time it is a thousand times smaller. This is approx 40 times more light than full moon concentrated in a tiny point on sky.

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