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Let's take a look! While I can't quite track down the source of this image, I've found it throughout the web, so hopefully it's roughly accurate. I'm pulling it from the Wikipedia article on the Orion Arm. In this image you can also see the Orion Nebula sitting (relatively) cozily to the Sun. The distance between the two is believed to be around 1350 ...


Measure the distance to a star and its direction, and plot it based on these numbers in a 3D plot. Repeat for a gazillion other stars. From its appearance in the sky we can already infer that the Milky Way is rather flat; most stars (and gas clouds) can be found in a rather narrow band in the sky. That the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy is something you can't ...


There are lots of reasons. First of all because we can see that a typical galaxy is a spiral galaxy and we seem to live somewhere pretty typical. Secondly because we can see the arms of the spiral through close examination of the Milky Way (ie the band in the sky) - through stellar distances and measurements of hydrogen cloud red shifts and so on. But you ...

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