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Newtonian treatments of the bending of light go back to Laplace who, in 1798, wrote about light escaping from massive bodies, ie: black holes! See Appendix A of Hawking and Ellis "Large Scale Structure of Space-Time" where there is a nice translation of Laplace's paper. Newtonian treatments cannot properly deal with all aspects of light bending. Notably, ...


Running the math for a 5 meter long pendulum and 1 kg mass, I get an amplitude of 0,017 mm. You are off by quite a bit. There is essentially no horizontal deflection when the Moon is at the horizon. The maximum horizontal deflection occurs when the Moon is about 45 degrees above or below the horizon. The tidal acceleration at some point on the surface ...


Spring with a weight and a ruler method works for solar and lunar earth tides. Apparently you can now get similar data using multiple GPS stations.


A photon is an entity defined in the context of a relativistic field theory, and so it really make sense to talk about the Newtonian bending of a photon. Necessarily, we need to substitute an analogous question that's sensible in the Newtonian framework. To do so, we can imagine a classical corpuscle of light--appropriately enough, a theory of light advanced ...

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