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If a mount is polar aligned, it becomes very easy to find objects that have the same Right Ascension or Declination as a bright star. It works like this 1) you align the mount to the pole 2) using a star map, or an app, you try to find an object that has the same R.A. or declination as a bright star. As an example, use Messier 4, which has almost the same ...


The answer is there on the stjarnhimlen.se site and also stargazing.net. Now we can compute the Sun's altitude above the horizon: sin(h) = sin(lat) * sin(Decl) + cos(lat) * cos(Decl) * cos(LHA) LHA = LST - RA h=Altitude=30$^\circ$, LHA = Local Hour Angle, lat= Your latitude on Earth, Decl = Object's declination, Ra = Object's right ascension, and ...

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