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I think you may be looking at the wrong date? -21.9964 is the first value in the current bulletin B but that is for 3/2/2016. The current bulletin B only seems to go up to 5/1/2016, with -134.3179 as the value. I think you may instead want bulletin A, which shows -0.154825s for today (5/12/2016)?


The mean mass of the initial mass function is ~0.3 solar masses (Maschberger 2013). A GC with 10^5 solar masses will therefore have ~3 x 10^5 stars in it. Since the most massive stars will already have died in a GC, the mean mass of the present-day mass distribution of the GC will actually be slightly lower, implying a slightly larger number of stars, but ...


Using microlensing the MOA (Microlensing Objects in Astrophysics), OGLE (Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment) groups have found many free-floating planets. The stars, free floating planets etc are all moving around the center of our galaxy. They are moving at different speeds, so very occasionally a foreground object passes through the direct line of ...

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