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If you look at raw resolving power you get for a 10m optical telescope: $\theta_{optical}\approx \frac{5\times 10^{-9}}{10}\approx 5 \times 10^{-8}$ radian. For a synthetic aperture ground based radio telescope operating at 21cm the limiting aperture is of the order of the diameter of the Earth so: $\theta_{21cm}\approx \frac{21\times 10^{-2}}{12\times ...


The relation you cited holds for a single telescope. But, as also noted in the lecture you linked "One thing that is possible in radio astronomy is to use interferometry, which combines the signals from an array of antennas as if they were all part of the same aperture. That means that the resolving power of a radio telescope is not just what it would be ...

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