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Linux and BSD operating systems build for scientific purposes.


As an observational astronomer, most of your programming will be to perform data analysis, data exploration, and possibly image manipulation. Previously much of this was done with IDL, and the analysis pipelines for several/many/all(?) telescopes still rely on IDL. As GreenMatt points out though, IDL is on its way out. Since you have to buy a license to ...


While I'm not doing so now, for a significant part of my career I worked as a programmer supporting scientists in in some fields that the general public would consider branches of astronomy. In that time I worked with (chronologically ordered in the sequence in which I first worked with them): Fortran - still useful because of its speed and existing code ...


Python is gaining popularity and replacing MATLAB in many fields of science as the tool for fast prototyping and writing research code. Have a look at http://www.astropy.org/ http://www.astropython.org/ https://python4astronomers.github.io/ http://www.astroml.org/ http://asteca.github.io/ for example. (I'm not working in astronomy as a researcher but ...

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