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A simple argument why the gas cloud orbiting the Protosun formed a disc is as follows. There are two characteristic properties of this gas cloud: its total energy and its total angular momentum. While the angular momentum is conserved, the energy it not: radiation reduces the fluid temperature and hence the energy. So eventually, the cloud settles to a ...


The accretion disc is formed by material in orbital motion against a central body, which can be a star. The size, mass and other characteristics are usually determined by the central object, in this case the star. In general, the protoplanetary accretion discs are the largest ones (with the largest mass) and as the age on the central star increases, the ...


I believe NASA is stating it is not only when solar wind but gravitational pull shifts... That's not to say the sun has no pull or solar wind but that the influence of the sun is now less than the surrounding environment. To put it simply, when the sun is no longer winning the tug of war.

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