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From this webpage, I have a few statistics regarding required density and temperature to burn a specific element. Burning phase; Required temperature; Required mean density; Duration Hydrogen burning: $4 \times 10^7 \text{ degrees K; } 5 \text{ gm per cubic cm; } 7,000,000 \text{ years}$ Helium burning: $2 \times 10^8 \text{ degrees K; } 700 \text{ gm ...


Someone suggested this object to be 31 Ori. After further research, equipped with the name, I confirmed this object to be 31 Ori. Source of confirmation: http://www.astrostudio.org/xhip.php?hip=25737


I'm no expert on stellar atmospheres, so I have a limited idea of how things like $\log g$ affect the lines. But I work with stellar models, so I can take a stab at that part. The overall principle is that computing stellar model ages is a kind of optimization problem. We model the structure of stellar interiors by constructing a system of differential ...

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