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It moves in circles. At the poles there is no direction defined (east, west, north or south). This is how the sun moves at the north pole: http://www.jaloxa.eu/resources/daylighting/docs/sunpath_90_north.pdf . You can compare it to the other latitudes to get an idea. (http://www.jaloxa.eu/resources/daylighting/sunpath.shtml)


Yes. Even with todays technology we can get started. In this article by Korycansky et al 2001 it is suggested to use rockets to move an asteroid (like a larger version of the NASA ARM Asteroid Redirect Mission) to a cycling orbit between Earth and Jupiter. The asteroid would pass near infront of the Earth in order to give the Earth a slight gravity assist ...


Historically, two people (or groups of people) independently came up with different equations to model the blackbody equations in different parts of the spectrum. Rayleigh-Jeans law (classically derived) is valid for longer wavelengths and Wien's law (not Wien's displacement law) is valid for shorter wavelengths. The Planck Distribution approaches the two ...

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