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I believe NASA is stating it is not only when solar wind but gravitational pull shifts... That's not to say the sun has no pull or solar wind but that the influence of the sun is now less than the surrounding environment. To put it simply, when the sun is no longer winning the tug of war.


Before about 1966, Mercury was thought to be tide-locked, almost half always sunlit and another near-half always dark – as most moons, including ours, are tide-locked to their primaries, and for the same reason. The difference in the strength of the primary's gravity between the inner and outer ‘poles’ creates a force tending to pull those points away from ...


The constellations are how we see the stars from earth. The Earth revolves around the sun which is in the Milky Way Galaxy. http://www.universetoday.com/18256/where-is-the-sun/


The axis points in pretty much the same direction all the time, though it does wobble slightly, ranging between 22.1 degrees and 24.5 degrees every 41,000 years. (Source) Perpendicular between two lines is a 2 dimensional property, so, while the axis is never "straight up" so to speak, there is a 90 degree angle between the axis and the line between the ...

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