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Time is relative therefore this is a bit of a nonsense question. But yes, if the gravitational effect near the black hole is strong enough (depends on how close you are) it would affect 'when' the observer would notice it. This is because the light must travel a 'further' distance through the spacetime to get to you since gravity is distorting it. You may ...


The speed of the blast front depends on the initial energy release and the density of the medium into which it is expanding, see here. Theory suggests and measurements confirm expansion rates of the order of thousands of km/s or a few $\times 10^6\ \mbox{m/s}$ or $\sim 1\% \mbox{c}$.


This idea has been around for decades, so I'm not sure who first came up with it. Here's a reasonably sourced article on the involvement of supernova in solar system formation:Exploding Star May Have Sparked Formation of Our Solar System The shock wave from an exploding star likely helped trigger the formation of our solar system, according to a new 3D ...

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