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user3814836's answer seems to be right. However, the choice of the telescope depends on what you want. With a refractor telescope (I have one, a SkyWatcher BK 707AZ2). It's maybe a good start for a beginner, if you want to discover the brightest objects of the deep sky before going further. However, there is a defect: chromatic aberration. Also, you need ...


If you are going to buy a telescope in the city let me suggest a large aperture and a reflective telescope. I live in a city as well and I use a reflector telescope. I did have trouble with some dimmer galaxies to start with but if you buy a light pollution filter you can see them a lot better. Also take a series of images of the same object and then ...


If you're dead broke (like most people) I would suggest you take look at a small refractor telescope, you could pick up a cheap-o Celestron Powerseeker 60/70 for something like 40 bucks. The useability of such a small telescope is very limited, but you'll be able to get a nice clear image of the rings of Saturn, four of Jupiter's moons, or nice views of the ...


Mount a camera on the tripod and take a long exposure. You should be able to determine the concentric circles of the stars paths. The center of the circle is the North pole.


Yes, of course it will work. A Dobsonian is merely a Newtonian telescope on a special mount.

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