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Is it possible to view Saturn in little yellowish and Mars in little reddish using following telescopes? It is definitely possible to observe the rings of Saturn with telescopes this size. Even the Cassini division should sometimes appear visible, if the instruments are well collimated and seeing is not too bad. In terms of color, Saturn is just a ...


Go with the Option 1 (135mm) as it has bigger light collecting area i.e. diameter of primary mirror. It will enable you to faint objects and it will also help you to see the dim object under greater zoom eyepiece e.g. 4mm or 10mm.. Also dont let you fool yourself with the bigger numbers advertized by telescope vendors like 238X zoom or 300X zoom... First ...


Aladin is a good way to do visualization from multiple catalogs. MAST also offers a cross-mission search.


Use Stellarium. You can set your location and date as needed and simulate all the conditions (ignoring weather...) :) http://www.stellarium.org/


What can a lunar-based telescope do? First, you would have no atmospheric distortions to interfere with the viewing. Second, there would be no atmospheric absorption of ultraviolet or infrared light. Third, there would be no cloud cover, so viewing can be almost continuous (the sun may interfere). However, the star should be bright and its ...

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