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I read this as "Benenaim" (another name for Alkaid) too (not Etamin, which is another name for Gamma Draconis), and that star does indeed transit the meridian near midnight on April 4th (12:44am to be more precise). Note that the hour angle is 0 in the Stellarium screenshot below, and the star is only 35 minutes from the zenith position:


Obtain from the publisher Willmann-Bell the book ''Astronomical Algorithms'' by Jean Meeus. If obtaining elsewhere, be sure to obtain the 2nd ed. with corrections as of August 10, 2009. The equations you want are in Chapter 13, "Transformations of Coordinates". Some variables must be defined: $\alpha$ = right ascension, if obtained from formula it is in ...


Magnification is not the main purpose of a telescope. A very small telescope will have a lower resolution than a larger one, but for larger ones, the atmosphere limits the amount of detail visible. Large telescopes capture more light than small telescopes. More light means that dimmer objects are visible, and there is more light to be analysed. A very dim ...

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