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Questions regarding the space or objects outside of galaxies.
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Questions about the gas that lays between stars in galaxies.
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Questions regarding Jupiter, the 5th and largest planet in Earth's solar system.
Questions related to Kuiper Belt Objects that exist in an annulus from 30AU to approximately 50AU from the Earth's Sun.
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a disk-shaped belt of icy debris orbiting in the outer solar system, lying beyond the orbit of Neptune and extending to a distance of about 50 astronomical units, containing thousan…
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Late Heavy Bombardment; occurring between 3.7-4 billion years ago when the inner solar system underwent heavy asteroidal impacts. Also know as the Lunar Cataclysm.
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Questions regarding electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum.
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Questions regarding undesired brightening of the night sky inhibiting observation of astronomical objects.
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the group of galaxies that includes the Milky Way among others.
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Questions regarding Electro-Magnetic fields, which are generated by charged sub-atomic particles (ions).
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Questions about the "adulthood" of stars. The main sequence is a distinctive band of stars that appears in a color-magnitude plot (known as Hertzsprung-Russell diagram). Stars appear in the main seque…
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Questions regarding Mars, the fourth planet from the sun.
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Questions about Mercury, the first planet from Earth'd sun. Also the smallest major planet in the Solar System,
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Questions regarding the Milky Way Galaxy, the galaxy that Earth's solar system is in.
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Questions regarding Luna, Earth's moon and only natural satellite.