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My avatar's back to normal, but I'm keeping the note for posterity:

Yep, my avatar has temporarily changed for this week or so as a tribute. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims of the recent massacre, as well as to the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

As you may have guessed from my "personal information", I'm a fan of a certain comic science fiction epic. If you know what the epic in question is, kudos to you.

I love science and engineering, and I think that they're the tools my generation will need to survive in this ever-growing world. With new "technology" springing up each day (Come on, do you really need a "smart"[object]?), it is crucial to understand how our world works. I pride myself on being more scientifically literate than many of my peers (and less technologically-dependent), but I want to work to make sure that scientific literacy grows around the world.

No matter how much knowledge I acquire and share, I will always be a learner. And that may be the most important thing in life - to be open to new ideas, to always be looking around the corner at what is next, and to learn to see the inherent beauty in the universe.

"In the end, it was the Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness that starts to set in about 2:55, when you know you’ve taken all the baths that you can usefully take that day, that however hard you stare at any given paragraph in the newspaper you will never actually read it, or use the revolutionary new pruning technique it describes, and that as you stare at the clock the hands will move relentlessly on to four o’clock, and you will enter the long dark teatime of the soul."

Don't Panic.

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