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Truth is more of a stranger than fiction. —Mark Twain
Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted . . . but to weigh and consider. —Francis Bacon
"Physics is a lot like sex; sure it has a practical use, but that’s not why we do it.’"- Feynman

Reason is logic, or reason is motive, or reason is a way of life. - John Le Carré

I have the same aim as Harvey has:

"..Harvey chose to study the electrical activity that the brain gives off. He said that he wanted to live on as a brain in a bottle after his body died. He expected that his research would allow his bottled brain to
communicate with others who could "read" his brain's electrical signals. Harvey mastered the techniques of brain electrical activity but failed in his objective, not only because the goal was technically impossible but also because he lacked a full understanding of what "brain" means...
- an excerpt from the book Introduction to Brain and Behaviour.

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