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Just a n00b with ego. Thank god About Me's can't be closed as "not productive."

So if you're wondering, my username troglodite is actually a slight shift in the word "troglobite," an animal that lives in the dark part of caves. My profile picture is a unicorn, but wait, it has wings so it is an alicorn. The two letters that change between unicorn and alicorn are the "un" and "al," which when rearranged spell "Luna," which could be the evil pony goddess of doom but is really just the name of a 1000 year old coastal redwood tree in California, which was saved from the doom of being turned into lumber by a bunch of hippies, but was then vandalized. What would a bunch of night dwelling animals be doing in a cave with a giant tree? Burning it of course. Besides the joy of burning things, burning old things unleashes powerful demons trapped away eons ago. So the troglobites are actually performing devil worship. The devil isn't evil, he's evil with a d. Hence the "D" in troglodite.

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