By what process can a user running the latest version of OS X Yosemite execute MOOG with $MOOG in bash?

Due to the removal of 32bit libraries in OS X 10.7+, the Fortran77 code for the MOOG installer cannot be compiled on OS X 10.7+. As a result, the pip installer will not work.

I have followed the instructions in the above guide, except that:

Unfortunately, in addition to being unable to compile the code, the pre-compiled binaries aren't working for me right now on Yosemite 10.10.4. The error I get when I $MOOG is:

open: No such file or directory apparent state: unit 35 named /.moog/Barklem.dat lately writing sequential formatted external IO Abort trap: 6

But I do have .moog in my home folder, and it has the Barklem files inside, and both the directory and files have been made readable/writable with:

$sudo chmod +rw .moog and $sudo chmod +rw Bark*


In order to execute the compiled binaries, all libraries on which the executable depends must be in the correct location. In particular, the error specified in the question is due to the fact that my .moog folder was in ~/, my user home folder, rather than /, the root of my hard drive, as explained here.

To solve the problem:


mv .moog /.moog

See this link for answer on how to get MOOG to find SM libraries for plotting.


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