According to some documentaries History and Discovery, fossils have been found in a meteorite that fell to earth. This meteorite came from Mars.

It is possible that the Martians always try to be bacteria or unicellular. It is possible that single-celled organisms that evolved into multicellular beings and then to beings we know.

So possibly we are Martians (acestral have a Martian, a bacterium).

My question is, does on Mars, before the earth existed humans?

If that were to be existed underground, or another planet were extinct?

If there were other humans on Mars, then we live in parallel ignorance of each other. So we may be extinct before meeting our Martian (or other planets now) brother?

Have we discovered but scare our discoverers by our violent attitudes and our boundless ambition?

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It's exceedingly unlikely, that human-like species ever existed on Mars, from all we know thus far.

It's very likely, that matter has been exchanged between Earth and Mars by asteroids, especially from Mars to Earth, and especially in the early solar system.

It's very likely, that Mars was habitable for microorganisms in its early history, although there is no definitve evidence yet, that there ever existed life on Mars. We only know, that it could have survived for some time (millions of years), if it ever existed. But there are reasonable arguments, that there could have existed microbial life on Mars. A lot of effort is on the way to find evidence for this hypotheses.

Hence it cannot be ruled out, that we have Martian ancestors. No observational evidence at all exits yet to verify this hyptheses.

There are reasonable arguments, that there could be underground extant life on Mars, although no experimental evidence at all has been found until now. But probes to investigate this are planned.

We didn't discover life on other planets, we are searching, and don't scare.


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