I currently own an old 1980s Celestron eight inch orange tube schmidt cassegrain telescope with tripod. I am seriously looking to dive into some astrophotography.

I also own an olympus pen epl3 camera. It's great for photos during my hikes, but not quite as versatile as an DSLR. Unfortunately, I know of no software out there which can tether this camera to my laptop. I don't have any great ideas on remotely controlling this camera to avoid shaking my telescope. I'm thinking of getting a DSLR at some point anyway.

Is there a camera body that anyone would recommend for me?


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When I first started out, I used my Olympus pen e-pl1, so you're doing great with the e-pl3. It takes higher resolution photos (330 vs 300 dpi) than my wife's Nikon D5300, so your camera should work just fine. I still whip this one out every now and again just because of its simplicity.

The one on the right is the adapter that I use regularly. I mounts up easily to each of my telescopes. Works great and has held up nicely the last (almost) decade.

Prime Focus 1.25" micro four thirds adapter.

To avoid the shake, set as long of a timer as you can! I'm not sure if the newer pen cameras have the option for the tethered remote, but mine definitely does not.

As for the software, I wrote some python codes that I use for image processing, and DS9 is the interface that I use regularly, however good old photoshop (pre-everythingisstupidandcloudbased) really works wonders if you're on a budget and have or "find" a copy laying about.

p.s. the adapter is from telescopeadapters.com


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