I'm working on a little side project that traces and identifies galaxies in Hubble's XDF using OpenCV.

This is my current progress with tracing the more prominent galaxies: enter image description here enter image description here

I was wondering if there was some kind of database for the galaxies that appear in the XDF. Like their scientific names, coordinates, distances, and etc.

Here's a link to the image I am using for the project: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/science/xdf.html


The XDF data release has images in FITS format, which includes a world coordinate system to map image coordinates to celestial coordinates. Then you can query SIMBAD to see what galaxies are near those coordinates.

For example, I loaded a WFC 60mas/pixel image into a FITS viewer, which indicates that the face-on spiral at center left of the PR image is near J2000 3h32m40.8s -27d46m16s. (To align the PR image with the equatorial coordinate grid, rotate it about 50 degrees clockwise.) SIMBAD found this galaxy at that location, B-band magnitude 22.

To do this in Python code, you could try using astropy.wcs to get celestial coordinates from the FITS image and astroquery.simbad to look up objects of interest.


After speaking to some people on Astronomy discords, they told me about SINBAD.



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