I need some help obtaining IR background diffuse data from the WISE observation. There is already some work done in this regard; see: http://wise.skymaps.info/ . These are .fits files. How do I find out the photon irradiance for a range (say glat b/w 0 and 30) from these files? Any help is appreciated. Also, how do I correlate this with UV flux for the same range using python?


Assuming you have downloaded their software from the link you provided and have astropy installed, you should be able to do:

from wssa_utils import wssa_getval
from astropy import units as u
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord

# Declare your wanted point in Galactic co-ordinates
c = SkyCoord(l=0, b=30, unit=(u.deg,u.deg), frame='galactic')
ra = c.icrs.ra
dec = c.icrs.dec
vals = wssa_getval(ra, dec)

The results look like they will be in MegaJanskys per steradian, which would be u.MJy/u.sr in astropy units. For UV data, I'm not sure what is best, maybe GALEX ?


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