It is 1:15 am, 8/10/18 in Indiana. I looked out my kitchen window and saw an orange light to the north.. color of a street light but clearly out in space. Sitting about as high as
a full moon at 10pm in July, it was much closer than stars appear or even satellites. Space stations are big and white... I think. And since I highly doubt a UFO could get that close to Indiana without being "rerouted" to the desert somewhere (totally kidding), it must be a planet..... Anybody know which one? Thanks for your time.

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    Why would you think it was "close". Are you sure of your directions? Mars is orange, bright, about has high as the full moon in July and due South at the moment. Also cut the bit about UFOs from your question, which makes you sound flaky. – James K Aug 10 at 7:50
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    Possible duplicate of Star like light moving in the sky, what could it be? – Jan Doggen Aug 10 at 8:21
  • Question gives useful information, acknowledges that a planet is most likely, and doesn't mention motion. Voting to leave open. – Mike G Aug 10 at 13:02
  • When I see big and orange I immediately think of smoke in the atmosphere. NOAA has smoke maps under the "air quality" tab at There are a lot of fires burning this year. – Wayfaring Stranger Aug 10 at 15:24
  • Many people (non-astronomers) use "big" and "close" when they really mean "bright". As James K indicated, Mars is the likely answer if we assume the object was south (where the Moon would be from the U.S.A. state of Indiana). – JohnHoltz Aug 11 at 17:32

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