Does anyone know where I could obtain a program called Moonkeps? It was an old MsDos based program that produced, I believe, the Keplerian elements for tracking the Moon and also the Sun. I wish to control a rotator for tracking the Sun for a project I am messing with. Dave.

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  • There are several questions about tracking the Sun and Moon with good answers here. If you would like to explore something besides MsDos, then you have a lot of options. Have a look at these 1, 2, 3 and see if anything there looks useful. If you mention more about what you are doing I am sure there are more ways to do this. – uhoh Nov 8 at 18:16
  • 1 is presumably it, but I agree that there are much better ways to do this now. – barrycarter Nov 8 at 19:25
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    Hello and thanks for the replies. I am trying to use things that I already have. I have a program and interface called Fodtrack. This utilises a printer port and also will not run under Win 10. I have an old laptop that still has Win 95 so will run the Dos program ok and it also has the printer port too, so I was trying to press these items into service. I have tried the Amsat link to the, but the site is not available. Dave. – David Vranch Nov 8 at 20:42
  • Hello. Maybe I should add. Years ago, I used to be a member of a group called RIG and track weather satellites to display the live pictures on a pc. I built a rotator and fitted a 1 meter dish, to track hi-res HRPT satellites, but never followed it through. So i’m planning to cover the dish with silver Mylar, or maybe have it silvered/ chromed to make it reflective and place a small Stirling engine at the focus, hence the need to track the Sun. – David Vranch Nov 8 at 21:29
  • You might also find it very interesting to explore Retrocomputing SE as well. – uhoh Nov 8 at 22:47

It can be obtained from the internet archive of amsat ftp server.

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