While researching about galaxies in Google sky, I came upon a strange area.
Co-ordinates: 11h 6m 15.0 seconds | -77° 22' 9.8"
A lot of space around this body is empty, is there a possibility that the body is a black hole?
The reason I'm asking is because of this imageBlack hole

This is a photograph and readings are of a real black hole source. It looks like the one on the co-ordinates which I observed with all the dust around it.
The co-ordinates of the real black hole are - 03h 19m 47.60s | +41° 30' 37.00"
Hope my question is not to broad.


Going by those coordinates, the dark area you're seeing in Google Sky is the Chamaeleon I dark cloud. It's a nearby star-forming region that is part of the Chamaeleon complex. The star nearest to the coordinates you provided is the T Tauri star TYC 9414-787-1.

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