I am looking for a formal explanation of the following star database format:


I know most of the values, but can anyone send me a link to the formal description?


It looks like XEphem's format of databases as described in the manual's file format description. Does the filename end in .edb ? That is a common extension for these sort of files. Assuming it is, then the format breaks down as (taking the first line for example):

  • A name (Akamar)
  • A "type designation" for the sort of object, in this case f for fixed (as opposed to orbital elements or a bound satellite)
  • A subfield for the fixed type indicating it's a Star
  • The spectral type of the star (A3)
  • Right ascension (RA) and proper motion in RA (02:58:15.696 and -44.6 milliarcsec/year)
  • Declination and proper motion in Dec (-40:18:16.97 and 19.0 milliarcsec/year)
  • Magnitude (brightness) of the object (3.2)
  • Reference epoch for the proper motions (2000.0)
  • $\begingroup$ perfect answer! I had seen it once but forgotten to bookmark it. Thanks. $\endgroup$
    – Aendie
    Sep 4 '19 at 10:21

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