I want to do hydrodynamic simulatin for universe at vary redshifts. How can I do it? or how can I find an simulation of universe for use my work?

  • $\begingroup$ I see 4 questions here: 1. Who uses G2? 2. Can I use it with my PC? 3. How can I do hydrodynamic simulation etc? 4. Can I find a universe simulation? That's a bit much (e.g. Q1 is irrelevant). Please edit your question and tell us what problem you are facing exactly. And specify the architecture and OS of your PC. $\endgroup$ – Jan Doggen yesterday

Gadget-2 is publicly available. Google works well to find it.
According to their website, it runs also on PCs. But don't get your hopes up, a single PC doesn't have enough computing power to simulate a whole universe. You'll need a bigger machine for that.

They have installation instructions on the webpage (see "Users Guide" under "Documentation"). You will possibly need a linux machine to run it, I don't know if the code compiles well under Windows.


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