I read that Great Pyramid was built to resonate with Sirius by aligning an airshaft that connected to queen's chamber. That is, the light of Sirius going through the shaft would be able to shine into the queen's chamber.

When exactly star Sirius shines into the queen's chamber of Great Pyramid?


The premise of this question is wrong: the "Sirius" shaft was not designed to point towards Sirius. Most of the shafts bend (sometimes several times), making it impossible for the light of a star to shine through. Furthermore, the angle of the shaft is not constant, making it possible for the shaft to be pointed towards tens of different stars, depending on which portion of the shaft you want to look at.

The Sirius shaft that leads to the queen's chamber faces south. It is at a 39.6° angle and the width of the window that it provides is 0.18°.

Due to precession, the maximal elevation of stars changes over time. Based on this document, Sirius would have been visible through the shaft between 2355 BC and 2295 BC. This is after the construction period of the pyramid (around 2550 BC), putting the idea that the shaft was "built to resonate with Sirius" even more in question.

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