There is evidence Betelgeuse might go supernova "soon". Are there any stars in the vicinity of Betelgeuse that are close enough that they will be hit by the explosion of this supernova? What would be the effect on stars near Betelgeuse?

A supernova "kicks" out the other star if it is in a binary pair, but Betelgeuse is not a binary, so this doesn't quite answer the question.


There have been 2 proposed spectroscopic companions, though never confirmed, traveling with Betelgeuse. These are thought to orbit the red supergiant. So when Betelgeuse eventually explodes, they would certainly be blasted by radiation, atmospheres could be damaged or completely destroyed, and would lose their host star sending them on a new trajectory through space. But with Betelgeuse having been ejected from its birth place and traveling with no verified companion, its more likely that the surrounding galaxy would be left unchanged, aside from supernova remnant left behind. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betelgeuse has more information if you still have questions.

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