I have access to a monochrome USB camera (DMK 23U274, The Imaging Source) and I'd like to record focal plane images from a small telescope with a python script that would control it by setting exposure times and triggering image captures.

Ideally I would like to be able to do this running on a Windows or MacOS laptop or a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian Linux but I don't know if that would require three different sets of special software in the middle (dll's or whatever).

Are there any platform-agnostic ways of doing this via USB? If not, are there Python solutions for amateur astronomers that can run on one or two of these platforms at least?

The only thing that I have found is this, but it specific to Windows and it seems to be an unfinished Python wrapper with unresolved memory leak issues:

update: I've also found the following "Python wrapper for the IC Imaging Control SDK from The Imaging Source (TIS)" which "only works on Windows due to wrapping a DLL" so my hope for a platform-agnostic Python package is waning.


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