I am trying to select the OII emitters from the colour-colour diagram of galaxies data. I don't know how to select those candidates which are above the line. Here is my colour-colour diagram. enter image description here. What I want is to select those candidates which are above the lines like this. enter image description here. This is from Hayashi+10 paper

I am new to python. I would be very grateful if anyone helps me how to select the candidates above a line(in sample code. In general also, if we have a plot and I want to select those points which are above a line, how to do it).

Thank you

  • $\begingroup$ This looks like a pure programming problem. It wouldn't matter if those dots were galaxies, or countries or websites or whatever, the programming task would be the same ; if y>f(x) : plot in colour; else plot in grey; This would get more answers if you wrote some code and asked at StackOverflow how to fix it. (in its current state it would closed on SO.) $\endgroup$ – James K Apr 22 at 5:25

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