I selected ELGs using the z BroadBand and NB921 narrow band according to the condition of Hayashi+11

Condition of selection from Hayashi+11

Then I plot the transmission curve of the filters used, I got this

enter image description here

As we can see NB921 and NB926 are not properly in the centre of $z_{BB}$. So, If I want to use y Broad Band for the selection, What I have to change/include in the selection condition?

In the case of $z-NB912$, the $3\sigma$ of $z_{BB}-NB$ is $\sqrt{(f_{3\sigma,z})^2+(f_{3\sigma,NB912})^2}$. How to estimate an error in the case of $0.7z_{BB} + 0.3y_{BB} - NB$?


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