Dexter was a tool from the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory, made by the Center for Astronomy of Heidelberg University (ZAH). It was able to reconstruct data from a graph if you provided a pdf or an image of that graph. It relied on Java, and since browsers have stopped support for Java it no longer works.

Website for reference: https://dc.zah.uni-heidelberg.de/dexter/ui/ui/custom

Does anyone know of another tool that does the same thing?



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You question reminded me of a tool I first encountered in the 80’s (I know right!) called “data thief”. Back when Mac applications had a four letter “creator code” this one had the code “DIEF” (which is the Dutch word for “thief”).

I appears to be around still - and as it doesn’t rely on a browser it may well still work (I haven’t tried in years though).

Take a look here


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