I remember that in my nuclear astrophysics lecture a decade ago, our lecturer drew a large flow chart like diagram of stellar evolution in dependence of the mass of the star (in solar units) on the black-board. I found one from Wikipedia which is close to the one I remember, but less detailed than the one I remember. The content of the linked chart is summarized in my following sketch: enter image description here

Sadly, neither me nor my former classmates recall which text book or publication the diagram came from, we suspect it was a composition of many sources. The diagram came with a brief explanation of each mass threshold, and it also outlined the governing equations in the respective stellar state. I also remember that there were rough approximates of the time scales of the respective state given.

Maybe somebody can help me out with alternative search terms, references, or a textual answer briefly summarizing the conditions and the state-of-the-art error bars for the mass thresholds and timescales?


Edit from 2021-01-22

To make answering easier, I quickly layed out the existing diagram as BPMN which is editable e.g. with this freely available editor. The source code is available via https://pastebin.com/mrafLWa0 - please feel free to reuse, expand and distribution my diagram, just make you comment here where and what for.


My slapdash (and perhaps messy because I rendered it in PowerPoint) attempt at addressing stellar evolution. Open the flowchart in a new tab in fullscreen to see a better rendering of it.

Stellar Evolution


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