Background and Question: I'm an undergraduate student interested on Radio Astronomy. I consider myself enthusiastic about it and I project myself following this "path" so I'd like, apologizing myself if this is a naive question, to ask you, more experienced astronomers, what are the current topics being part of research in Radio Astronomy.

My thoughts:

  • I know Cosmology and CMB Measurements are something that will keep its route for a long time as huge projects continue being developed.
  • Also I'd say Radio-loud Galaxies are something that Radio Astronomers are putting lots of work into.
  • Interferometric techniques, data reduction algorithms and image synthesis.
  • Astro-Chemistry and the study of spectral lines using data cubes such as provided by ALMA.

More questions:

  • Am I wrong with any of the topics listed? What else is being done now?
  • How do you see this in the next 5 - 10 - 20 years ?
  • Considering I want to work on my thesis project this year, what would you recommend (or to other undergrad. students) ? What would be a "good route" to follow after graduating? (my grades to this date are at ~ 80%).
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    $\begingroup$ radio emissions from other solar system planets, especially Jupiter $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 4, 2021 at 8:13
  • $\begingroup$ My question on the relevance of different radio bands is somewhat related. I see a lot of potential in citizen science (also for radioastronomy), e.g. actively engaging laypersons to contribute to (radio) astronomy. I am saying this not only because of my appreciation for SETI, but also in general. In metereology, the massive increase of weather stations operated by private persons helped improving high-resolution weather models. $\endgroup$
    – B--rian
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 8:44

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Here are some examples that you can read about within Astronomy SE and Space SE:

Time Domain Astronomy (link)

e.g. LOFAR and (as it turns out) CHIME. Think better FRB detection gravitational lensing effects on pulsar timing (needs several questions of its own)



Space based, and Satellite VLBI

Fancy, complicated focal plane arrays and techniques

Radar Astronomy (link)


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