What are the North Stars of each individual body points too? E.g. Earth points to Polaris. Mars points to Deneb/Alpha Cygni.

What about Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto?


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Answer based on Is Polaris the north star for all the other planets just like it is for Earth? and What star is directly north of the suns north pole?

Planet Pole Star
Sun* There is no bright star close to the NCP of the sun
Mercury Omicron Draconis
Venus 42 Draconis
Earth Polaris
Mars Sadr and Deneb
Jupiter Zeta Draconis
Saturn Saturn's north celestial pole (NCP) is not directed toward any prominent star
Uranus Inclined almost 90 degrees, has a pole oriented toward Orion's "head" region
Neptune Delta Cygni
Pluto* Delta Draconis

*-Pluto & Sun as bonus planets


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