I would like to reproduce and plot myself the figure below. This plot, even it begins to date, is full of informations for me. The paper is located here : paper Suzuki et al. 2011

Suzuki et al. 2011

I have contacted the 3 main authours of the paper (Suzuki et al. 2011) but none gave me an answer.

I know Fisher formalism and Python frameworks like GetDist or other tools to generate this kind of plot but I have not the data (Fisher or Covariance matrixes) allowing to reproduce this plot myself. It is quite frustrating.

If someone could help me to plot them, that is to say, to get the Python scripts and the Fisher/Covariance matrixes used, I would be grateful since I begin to desperate.

ps : others complementary figures would be reproduced also like below :

Suzuki et al. 2011


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