I cannot find a site stating what the AT or TXS star/astronomy catalogues are, even though some AT and TXS 'events' have been in the news lately....

  • $\begingroup$ Where have they been in the news? Can you add links to articles or papers? $\endgroup$
    – Jim421616
    Oct 17 at 18:45

"AT" are sources named by the transient name server:

A name of the form, e.g. 2016ab, defines the object uniquely. Before it is spectroscopically classified it will have a prefix of "AT". If classified as a SN of whichever type, the prefix changes to "SN".

"TXS" are sources from the Texas Survey of radio sources:

The name is constructed from the hours and minutes of right ascension, the sign of declination, and truncated tenths of degrees of declination: hhmmsddd. Suffixes 'A', 'B', etc., are also used in cases where close sources would otherwise have duplicate names, e.g., 'TXS 0001-234A' and 'TXS 0001-234B'.


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