Earendel star's official name includes the abbreviations WHL and LS, as do some other very far-off objects....

What do they stand for?


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WHL is an initialism of "Wen Han Liu", the names of three astronomers and the authors of a catalog A Catalog of 132,684 Clusters of Galaxies Identified from Sloan Digital Sky Survey III

  • Zhonglue Wen (文中略) (Z.L. Wen)
  • Jinlin Han (韩金林) (J.L. Han)
  • Liu () (F.S Liu)

[if anyone can find Liu's full details please feel free to edit them in)

I can't find a definitive source for the meaning of "LS", but I speculate that it means "lensed star" or "Lensed source".


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