I'm launching the pow tool from fv version 5.5, installed via apt on Ubuntu 20.04. It is part of HEASoft's FITS software suite.

I click on the menu Help/About and I get this error message:

Error: can't read "env(POW_HELPDIR)": no such variable

How can I get to the help files?


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After poking around a bit, I see that I can set this in Bash before running fv:

export POW_HELPDIR=/usr/share/doc/ftools-pow

which fixes it and lets me browse the help documentation.

Update: the FTOOLS Help Desk reports that this is apparently a packaging issue in Ubuntu, and is not a problem for the versions they distribute directly.

Update 2: I just reported this bug to the packagers: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ftools-fv/+bug/1982671


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