I want to recreate the figure Freeze out of massive particle species. This comes from the Cosmological Boltzmann equation which can be modified as the number density equation as

$$\frac{dY}{dx}=-\frac{s(m)<{\sigma}|v|>[y^2-Y_{eq}^2]}{x^2 H(m)}.$$

The equation is attached (Mathematica Codes):

ClearAll["Global`"]; m = 1000; sigmav = 0.0000000001; gstar = 106; mpl = 2.410^18, Sm = (2 pi^2)/45gstarm^3; Hm = 1.67*[gstar]^(1/2)m^2/mpl; Yeq[x_] = 0.145x^(3/2)*Exp[-x];

) s2 = NDSolve[{Y'[x] == x^-2Sm/Hmsigmav*(Y[x]^2 - (0.145*x^(3/2)*Exp[-x])^2), Y1 == Yeq1}, Y, {x, 1, 1000}]; LogLogPlot[{Evaluate[Y[x] /. s2], Yeq[x]}, {x, 1, 1000}, PlotRange -> All, AxesLabel -> Automatic, Frame -> True]

These results are derived using the help of "[The Early Universe][4]" by Kolb and Turner

Question: How to plot the freeze-out equation for massive particle species in Mathematica?

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