Someone referred to the open cluster Bica 5. Is that to do with E Bica? How would I get information about this cluster? I do not have many options. I have been just trying general searches using Google, and on Arxiv - and various forums. Any help would be appreciated.

Eduardo Bica - Tracing the Galactic spiral structure with embedded clusters. 2015. In that paper there is a table of about 20 clusters, but it is not clear whether any of these is Bica-5.

I am trying to help out someone who is studying in a war zone. Hence the odd nature of the question. I am trying to get some more information - but was hoping that this was a question to which the answer was obvious, if you had the right background.


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Yes, this is the fifth cluster in the catalogue by produced by Eduardo Bica et al.

You can see its listing in a list of clusters. That notes it is also known as MWSC 1964 and you can find it in Simbad. Its coordinates are (in RA-Dec) 11:41:36 -62:25:09. So it is not one of the clusters listed in the paper, which all have a RA between 2:45 and 7:20

You can use Simbad to search for astronomical objects and find references to them in the literature.

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